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The mobile hygiene station

Hyggi is a new product from the Hohenloher company and is a further solution of the Waldner Group in the fight against COVID-19. Hyggi offers hand washing facilities for two people. The plug-in all-in-one solution for hand hygiene is ideally suited for multifunctional use in foyers, corridors and rooms, in the canteen or cafeteria - wherever additional hand washing facilities are required. Simply roll it up, connect it and off you go.

High standard of hygiene

Hyggi has non-contact fittings, a jointless, waterproof table top and an automatic rinsing system that ensures sterile lines.


Quick & easy installation

Hyggi can be used immediately - simply roll it to the desired location, connect it to a standard household water connection - ready.


Multifunctional use

Hyggi is mobile, can be set up flexibly, increases the hygiene capacity and at the same time ensures that the distance rules are observed.

hyggi im foyer

Special features

1 | Automatic LED light with presence detector


2 | Waterproof table top and panels


3 | Non-touch fitting with integrated soap dispenser


4 | Robust washbasin


5 | Regular automatic rinsing ensures aseptic lines


6 | Lockable base cabinet with soap tank


7 | Stable tubular steel frame with lockable castors        

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Made in Germany

Waldner is known for its high product quality. Since the 1950s we have been manufacturing laboratory equipment for demanding research activities. Our products are used by generations and are loved by young and old.

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Automatic rinsing system

Hyggi complies with the official hygiene regulations: just connect it to the water supply. The integrated automatic rinsing system rinses after 72 hours at the latest, thus ensuring germ-free pipes with drinking water quality.

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Non-contact fittings

The chrome fittings used are not only robust, but also particularly smart. A sensor activates both the integrated soap dispenser and the water. Tried and tested 1000 times in tough laboratory conditions.

Bild: LED Licht

LED light

Intensive hand hygiene requires good light. Hyggi is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting that optimally illuminates the washing area. The integrated presence detector activates the light automatically.

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Table top & fascias

Everything here is seamless, waterproof and particularly robust. The solid core panels used are made of almost indestructible phenolic resin material and are easy to clean.

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The extra-large substructure washbasins made of high-quality glazed steel have an integrated overflow protection. This means they do not need a beaded rim - and the table top is particularly easy to clean.

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Base cabinet

Hyggi offers plenty of storage space behind two lockable doors. The soap tanks are sufficient for over 3.000 washes per basin, the integrated lifting system safely pumps the waste water away.

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Steel tube frame

So that Hyggi can be used across rooms, we have used a powder-coated tubular steel frame that fits through all standard dimension doors. The lockable castors are particularly robust and quiet.

Product overview


Hyggi offers hand washing facilities for two people. The plug-in all-in-one solution for hand hygiene - with water basin, soap dispenser and lighting.


The entry-level solution with a wash station, soap dispenser, paper dispenser and waste bin is compact and ready for immediate use. Simply connect electricity and water - and you're ready to go.



Here you can download our Hyggi postcard.

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